Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rev. Leo at the Houston Council

I know many of you are out of town during the holidays but I wanted to tell you about an upcoming speaking engagement.

January 9th 2012, I will be speaking for the Houston Council and here is the information:


In this limited engagement, Reverend Leo Booth will discuss the difference between spirituality and religion and the application of spirituality in the treatment and ongoing recovery of the addicted.

•Explore the definition of spirituality in application to addicts
• Introduce a new treatment model
• Reveal the power of spirituality for relapse and intervention issues
• Demonstrate the importance of the spiritual model for addiction professionals
• Describe how spirituality works in healing and recovery.

Monday, January 9, 2012
6:30 pm Check-in, Coffee, Dessert
7:00 pm Presentation

The Hamill Foundation Conference Center
The Council on Alcohol & Drugs Houston
303 Jackson Hill Street
Houston, TX 77007

Registration: $20
CEU credits (1.5) available upon request

Visit the Houston Council website at or contact them at or 281-200-9109.

Rev. Leo

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Spirit of Kindness

It is hard to believe that the Holiday Season is upon us and I shall be spending Christmas and the New Year with my family in England.

What do I wish you to experience in 2012? Well, I could say Peace, Joy, Good Health, Happiness...but I wish for you the experience of Kindness. This word encompasses all the above but it also includes safety. Kindness brings a gentle security; in an atmosphere of kindness we feel safe. Maybe that's what made the difference for Rudolf, when he came out of the shadows and trotted to guide Santa's sleigh. He experienced the overwhelming kindness of Santa. When I'm in a safe place I'm able to be myself, reflecting all that God has invested in me. That really is the key to success and prosperity. We shine, really shine, when we experience an aspect of love I choose to call kindness.

Talking about Kindness, perhaps some of you are going to be really kind to yourself in September, 2012 and join me on my Spiritual Journey to Southern India. I'll be telling you more later but this has already been planned by myself and Miss Shama. Contact her at or call 1-800-835-7262 Ext 7.

So, this holiday season avoid unkind people, unkind situations and an unkind atmosphere. Expect and create kindness, because it is there you will discover God.

Blessings this Holiday Season,
Rev. Leo Booth

Monday, December 12, 2011

Say Yes!

As a motivational speaker, reverend, and author, I am interested in allowing you to live up to your full potential. I want you, in every healthy thing you do, to say yes!

I have a series of books in my Say Yes series that will help you unlock your best ability to be you, with happiness, health, wellness, and vitality. These books are packed with powerful affirmations to unlock your inner strength and encourage you to shine.

My Say Yes series is comprised of:
Say Yes to Your Sexual Healing
Say Yes to Your Spirit
Say Yes to Your Life
Say Yes to Your Life Workbook

Please see My Store for more information.