Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tour Southern India

Rev Leo and Rama Tours present

Rev Leo’s Spiritual Journey
Southern India

Kochi - Munnar - Kumarokom - Trivandrum

September 22nd – October 6th 2012

15 days for only $2,995 (per person)

(Price includes: International Airfare, Luxury Hotels, Meals and Ground Transportation)

Fully guided by Rama Tours and Rev Leo Booth

Contact Shama Kapur to reserve your spot
Rama Tours 1.800.835.7262 ext 7

Friday, January 6, 2012

Leo's Den

Please note: The most up-to-date information can be found at: http://leobooth.blogspot.com/2012/06/updated-leos-den.html

I'm really excited about offering my English home for rent to my fellow travelers, who I've called Ambassadors of Peace. Next month it is my intention to have the house available to all my friends who are receiving my newsletter, and so, it is to your advantage, if you are interested in renting the house next year, to call me and reserve available dates.

We have become close friends through our various exotic travels and I want you to experience my home, Leo's Den, in England.

I was in England for Christmas and the New Year and so I'll be making last minute preparations for it's availability in May. I want you to feel at home in my home and for those who are interested in AA recovery I'll have scheduled meetings available. However, I do realize that not everyone is an alcoholic or in recovery and so do not think that you must be alcoholic to rent the house.

I shall be updating information concerning Leo's Den each month; also I'll be sending you details concerning our Spiritual Journey to Southern India in September 2012.

Here again is the initial information I sent concerning Leo's Den. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Leo's Den

Many of you know that I have a comfortable home in England (Lancashire) that my parents lived in for twenty years before their passing at age ninety-one. With this in mind I've decided to spend more time in England now that I'm semi-retired, however I also wish to make my house available to my American friends. At the moment it is being completely re-decorated and it will be available for rent in May 2012. When everything is complete I'll have photos available on my website for you to see. (But trust me when I say it is mostcomfortable).

About the House: This attractive detached house has three bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and two lounge areas; also two bathrooms and showers with a guest toilet downstairs. It comfortably sleeps five people. Also there is a garden at the back and front.

Where is it? The house is located outside the city of Manchester, close to Yorkshire, Stratford on Avon (Shakespeare's home), the countryside where the T.V. series All Creatures Great and Small was filmed, The Lake District, Auckland Castle, Liverpool (birthplace of the Beatles) and close to Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters' home. Scotland is three hours drive and there is a direct railway connection between Manchester and London. Of course, for soccer fans you can see Manchester United play at Old Trafford.

Car Available: In order to see the beauty of England's countryside or visit Scotland, Ireland and Wales you need a car. This is what makes visiting England, with hotels and car rentals priced in "the English pound" so expensive. With this in mind, I've included the use of my personal Mercedes (E Series) in the daily rental. For those sharing the expense with family and friends Leo's Den is truly a great deal.

Cost: It is simply $250.00 per day (including use of the car). Basic food will be provided upon arrival at the house and I'll arrange for somebody to provide orientation for driving in England.

How do I make a reservation for my vacation at Leo's Den? Contact me at 562.673.3676. I will have a master calendar and all your dates (if available) will be confirmed when payment is received. Everything is as above, all you need to do is pay for the gasoline, food you require during your stay and then enjoy the U.K. or, if you are feeling adventurous explore Europe, at your pace.

My mother and father loved visiting America. They often said that they'd love my American friends to see the U.K. They are both smiling in Heaven.