Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Beliefs are What Make Me Human

I remember reading that C.S. Lewis was essentially hopeful because he believed that God has won the battle with the devil. It was over. Truth has conquered evil. I also believe this metaphysical story, Goodness has been victorious.

It is with this as a background that I say today that it is easier to get well than to stay sick. For the alcoholic, sobriety is an easier path; it's really difficult to live each day as a drunk.

I've not always believed this. I used to say that it is hard to get sober and I came to realize that this was giving energy to the negative; it seemed to suggest that the disease of alcoholism is stronger than the human spirit.

Yes, it is not easy to get sober but it is easier than the pain and chaos of being drunk; as I said earlier, it's not easy to live as a drunk.

A major shift in our thinking comes when we begin to ask - "Who are we? What is a human being?"

Today I believe that we reflect the divine. Indeed, we truly are divine creatures who were created to love and be loved. When we cease to love, when we begin to hurt ourselves, we disconnect from that divine energy. We feel powerless. Heavy drinking or other addictive behaviors create feelings of powerlessness and unmanageabilty. But this is not who we essentially are; truly we are divine.

C.S. Lewis sensed this. The victory has been won. We are victorious. Now let's live as winners!

Rev Leo

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