Friday, January 11, 2013

Thrill of Being Alive

I have always believed that spirituality is a gift that needs to be polished. And we polish it, poetically speaking, by taking time to remember those moments when we feel most alive.

In my book Spirituality and Recovery, I seek to explain this awareness by giving examples that most of us can identify with; in this sense the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

"Most times, we are not in contact with our God-given spirituality. We miss it, reject it, or ignore it. The time and occasions when we make contact, those wonderful occasions when we feel and touch the very essence of our life flow, we glow with enthusiasm. At such moments, it is great to be alive. It is not only great to be a alive, it is great to be who we are and alive.

Such moments are abundant, but we often miss them. We concentrate on clutter, the superficial, the unreal, so that we miss the beauty that has been given and the splendor that surrounds us.

Are you in touch with your life? Are you there in your life? If you answer yes, then you are already aware of the thrill of living, the wonder of living, and that constant spirituality.
When two people are in love, it is loudly present. It shouts from their eyes, faces, and sprightly walk. Love is overflowing, demanding attention. It radiates from the most discreet, respectable, and proper people. It cannot be hidden or disguised. When two people are in love, life is filled with meaning and everything is exciting.
The shared telephone call between young lovers and the nervous pronunciation of the name sends shivers down the listening lover's spine. The meal and walk in the park become a sacramental communion that radiates a real presence. Even the making up after a silly argument becomes a joyous experience of generous forgiveness. Love makes everything exciting, meaningful, and extraordinary." (Chapter 3 - Page 48-49)
Spirituality and Recovery has recently been published by Health Communications Incorporated and is now available at various places including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And for those of you who live in the Long Beach Orange County area, a wonderful recovery store called Easy Does It on Broadway in Long Beach has signed copies available. Visit their website for store hours and directions or call 562-621-1042.

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